Foreign Language Department


All students planning to attend college should study a minimum of 2 years of one foreign language.  We offer opportunities in Spanish, French, and Korean.

Spanish I CP/Honors

Spanish I begins to develop the language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.  Cultural aspects of the Spanish speaking countries are presented.  Basic  vocabulary, grammar, reading selections and oral proficiency exercises are introduced in a context that is culturally authentic and meaningful.


Spanish II CP/Honors

Students will hear, speak, write, read and comprehend basic Spanish.  Supplementary readers increase the student’s vocabulary and enrich his/her knowledge and appreciation of the Hispanic culture.  Placement tests will be given to students with prior course work in Spanish to determine appropriate levels.

Spanish III CP/Honors

Spanish III is to assure that students can read, write and speak the target language at an intermediate level.  The study of grammar is further advanced and completed.  Much emphasis is placed upon the designation of the different tenses of the language, so that students not only know the language, but also know how it works.  The units are divided into vocabulary, grammar, and culture sections.  Emphasis is placed on enhancement of speaking and writing in Spanish.  Students will explore current events and global issues of the Spanish-speaking world.

Spanish IV CP/Honors

This course is an elective course for students who have successfully completed Spanish III and  wish to continue their pursuit of higher levels of Spanish study.  Emphasizing communicative skills(listening, speaking, reading, writing) students will further their development of cultural knowledge.

AP Spanish

This is an elective placement course designed for higher level students who are interested in improving their knowledge of the Spanish language and culture.  This course stresses the use of Spanish for active communication (reading, writing, speaking, and listening).  It is a preparation for the AP Spanish Language exam.

French Honors

French courses at the Hanal School are designed to help students better their command of the French language and increase their knowledge of French culture.  We focus on both oral and written skills through class discussions, readings, presentations, films, grammar exercises, and papers.  Topics range from Francophone countries to renowned French historical figures to syntactically sound sentence formation.  La maîtrise est à portée de main!

Korean Honors

Korean Honors focuses on developing the language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.  This course pursues students’ continuous investigation of higher levels of Korean study.  Proficiency exercises  are introduced in a context that is culturally authentic and meaningful to the study of Korean.